NanoApps Athletics – About Us

The aim of NanoApps Athletics Inc. is to develop innovative nanomedical diagnostic and therapeutic platforms that are specifically tailored to significantly expedite the quantification, repair, and healing of myriad sports related injuries to serve both professional and recreational athletes. Synergies between unique nanomaterials, advanced nanomedicine, biochemistry and biomolecular science, coupled with conventional medicine and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will have the capacity dramatically alter and enhance existing paradigms in sports medicine.

Further, these platforms will have strong potential to be adapted to a wide range of clinical musculoskeletal, nerve, and dermal/cosmetic injuries, and other debilitating conditions, inclusive of those correlated with age. NanoApps Athletics has engaged and assembled a top tier team of world class experts encompassing sports medicine, molecular biology, and nanomedicine to transition these platforms from concept to reality for the benefit of patients worldwide.